Final Blog Post!! :(

When I first entered York College 2 years ago, I wanted to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. I always enjoyed spending time on the computer and I loved designing school projects as a kid. When I was enrolling for classes, one of the mentors that was helping the incoming freshman told me he took CT101 for one of his classes and he loved it! I looked into it, and it interested me, I just never had a chance to enroll. 

My passion for wanting to pursue a degree in Graphic Design kind of faded over the year because I started taking Psychology classes and just stuck to that. My friend last semester told me he took CT101 and recommended it. I decided to give it a shot and take it as an elective.

I believe taking this class was a wise decision. To me, it balances out with my other classes. Some classes give so much work that you don’t even have time for yourself, and it makes you so exhausted 🙁 


but this class was great. I learned so many new things on photoshop, I learned how to make GIF’s, gifs in motion, vaporwaves, and I even had the opportunity to create my very own website. 

Although there was some frustration here and there, I managed to pull through. Sometimes I didn’t know how to do certain things because I accidentally missed a step professor was teaching, but hey, thats all in the game.

In all honesty, I never thought I could make a GIF in motion. I’ve always saw images like that online and always wanted to make one myself. This was one of my favorite projects that we’ve done and I also liked the vaporwaves.

Loved how this GIF in motion turned out.
This was my favorite vaporwaves that I created.
This was my second favorite!

I really enjoyed getting to see my classmates unique work and their skills. It’s good to know that you can learn from them. Sometimes when I was stuck and didn’t know how to do a certain task, people who sat next to me reached out and helped. Everyone was really helpful in this class which I loved. I loved the environment here. 

I’m not sure if I will maintain my website after this class but it was really cool creating one. A website with my name on it is AWESOME! 


Overall, I think I deserve an A. I think I did my work well and I even installed photoshop at home to create more vaporwaves. This class was fun and I recommend it to anyone. Best of luck to all my fellow classmates! Lastly, thank you Prof.Seslow for teaching me new skills and giving me an opportunity to be more involved with blogging.

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