Today in class, we learned how to do a Vaporwave! No one in the class heard of it except for like one person. Professor told us that it was basically a lot of retro colors put together with different images. The process was pretty easy, the only problem that I had was forgetting to click the return key after I pasted an image.

I had no clue what images to put but after a while I started gathering some that went well together. The sun, moon, and stars go together really well. I changed up the colors as well.

I found a picture of this dolphin an thought it was cute, and like professor said, every Vaporwave needs palm trees! 🙂

I plan on making another one and messing around with the colors even more. This was a really fun task and I enjoyed doing it.

It’s really amazing how you can learn something new everyday. Vaporwaves would be perfect for people who are really creative. It’s cool to see everyones unique piece.

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