Post from 9/13

By far, CT 101 has been my favorite class this semester. Prof. Seslow is amazing and super chill. I knew this class was gonna be fun because my friend recommended it. I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad to be learning new things. Learning how to make a meme was cool. I think the hardest part was finding a picture for the meme. I look forward to learning more new and fun things.


Last year’s Christmas Tree vs This Years.

Every year for Christmas, my mom always changes up the color scheme. If theres anything in the world that she loves to do is shop, cook, an decorate the house. For last year, we decided to do a gold and silver theme.  Honestly, this was one of my favorites that we’ve done. Everything looked so pretty! Even the gift wrapping matched.


This Christmas, we did the traditional colors which we have done many times in the past. I prefer the gold and silver tree because it’s more to my liking.


Post from 10/16

Today in class, I made another GIF in motion with the help of my classmate Selena. We followed the steps but we got stuck at the end. Somehow, she figured out the timeline part. All we had to do was make frames from layers and thats what we had the most issues with. I was about to give up because I was getting frustrated. I honestly wouldn’t have known how to do this process again if it wasn’t for that tutorial video Prof. Seslow posted. 

I chose Chris Brown because I LOVE him. I loved his music ever since I was younger. Although he has been through a lot in his career, his music is still great. I think this GIF in motion could have came out better but I tried my best.

Thanksgiving at my house!

Every thanksgiving, all my family come to my house. It’s pretty cool because my cousins actually live across the street from me, which makes everything way easier. Usually my mom invites everyone over for 6:00 but this year, we she invited them to come over earlier for 3:00. The reason for this was because we had to go to a wedding the next day, and the weekend was so hectic!

(Wedding Post Below)

Thanksgiving is always a great time to catch up with family.. eat, and have a good time. Even though my cousins live across the street from me, I barely get a chance to see them because everyone is so busy with school and work 🙁

Some are missing from the photo but thats fine. We had a great time talking about old times when we were younger. My mom made so much food and everyone enjoyed their night!